Drip Automation

An automated irrigation system refers to the operation of the system with no or just a minimum of manual intervention beside the surveillance. Almost every system (drip, sprinkler, surface) can be automated with help of timers, sensors or computers or mechanical appliances.


Crop Protection

Crop protection is the science and practice of managing plant diseases, weeds and other pests that damage agricultural crops and forestry. Control of animal pests of world crops. Control of diseases of crop plants caused by microorganisms. Control of weeds and integrated management.



Farmers and scientists have used plant selection and breeding techniques to improve crop yield for years. Innovative technology can improve a plant's insect resistance, and disease resistance. This technology gives farmers an additional tool to help increase crop yields.

Adaptable, Long-Term Solutions

The roots of poverty in agricultural communities is complex, and any approach to improve it needs to be adaptable to solve the problems farmers face. That’s why kisanX takes a holistic, long-term approach. We offer a variety of agricul tools, so that it will be easy for farmer to farm

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