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ph Control Machine

Key feature:

1. Best price in India
2. Because of Automatic pH Control, No need to change pH Setting for various Plots
3. No Need of 1HP Power, it Works on 5 to 7 Watt, So Saves Energy
4. 6 month full warranty
5. It Works Upto 7 kg Pressure (Sulphuric, Phosphoric, Nitric, Citric), and Injects 5% Acid Mixture (E.g – in 20 Litre Water Use 500 ml Sulphuric Acid )
6. It reduces Chlorides in Water and Maintain pH Level of Water as well as of the soil


1. By Reducing Chloride in Water, the Soil Quality increases.
2. Saves upto 50% Fertilizer Because of Maintaining controlled Ph, Fertilizer Uptake Capacity Increases.
3. By Maintaining Water pH, the white roots growth increases, and results in Higher Yield

We have the importance of adjusting the pH of the water and the ground well. A perfectly measured pH makes the plant absorb the nutritive solution much better. With our pH regulators the value will be always automatically adjusted. A very important key in agriculture is the nutrients intake to our crop in a very accurate and efficient way. The lack of nutrients or even its excess is a serious problem that affects to our productivity. All the plants need some kinds of foods for its growth.