Why Choose Us

Our mission is to change the agriculture system by providing various tools, automation in agriculture. We have known the agricultural market for more than two decades from different perspectives, internationally and in various dimensions. As a farmer, a mechanic, a mechanical engineer, our founder started the business as an independent international consultant. We combine the demands from the market with the conditions of the environment and the requirements from the farmer. We are intermediaries and also interface, so that the right partners in the agribusiness come together.
- We provide training about smart agriculture and farm strategies.
- We conduct business development and entrepreneurship training program regarding students and farmers.

What We Do?

KisanX identifying a farmer end ground problems find out technologically viable onground solution for that problems. It could be software service, product automation etc.

We support to farmers no matter how small - can move from subsistence farming to commercial farming if has the right support.

Our team reach the farmer and provide them access to the things they want : pH control machine, RO, Smart mobile auto, Shakti Sprayer, Fruit trap, Yellow / Blue sticky trap, Solar Insect trap, Mulching Machine, Automatic Drenching Unit etc.

We provide such things to farmers so that farmers farm smartly, it will reduce time and hard work.