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Solar insects trap

(yellow and blue combination)

1. Best price in India
2. Helps to Catch all the flying Nymphs & adult Insects
3. 4.6 Ah/6 v Battery –6 Month Full Machine Waranty
4. High Wavelength Special Ultra Violet Leds
5. 1 Solar Trap Covers 1 Acre Area.
6. Automatically Turn on light in evening & Automatically Turn Off After 4 Hrs. 12 Min Yellow Leds Will On 12 Min Blue Leds Will On.


Solar light trap is a solar powered product use for insects which damage the crops like chilli, tomato, brinjal, fruits like Mango, Apple, Pomogranate and Guava, and spices like cardamom, etc. Insects are attracted to UV light, and flies around it, hit the flaps and fall in tray filled with water.