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Solar Farm Light

1. 30 W Solar Panel
2. 13 AH Pherophospet Lithium ion Battery
3. 9 W LED lamp
4. 2 Days Battery Backup After ull Charge
5. Best Price With Lamp Holder


The charging speed depends on the intensity of direct sunlight falling on the solar panel throughout the day. During rainy days, the charging speed reduces. This light works automatically. During the day, once the sunlight hits the solar panel, the light switches off and starts charging. During the night, if there is no other light falling on the solar panel, this light turns on. The backup of the light depends on the sunlight intensity. The light will charge differently in different areas. If the battery is not fully charged, the light backup will be less. This solar light switches on only when there is no other source of light close to this. For example, if there is a bright street light nearby or if sunlight is hitting the solar panel, the light will not work. This is a solar Street light and for the light to work, the solar panel needs direct sunlight for a minimum of 8 hours during the day. If there is even a little shade falling on the solar panel by some branches or tree, the light will not fully charge.