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Yellow trap

1. Catches 19 types of Flying sucking pests like ,Thrips ,Aphids, WhiteFly Etc
2. Best quality and price in India
3. Available in 10 & 25 Piece Packing.


Sucking pests and flying insects such as White / Yellow flies, Jassids, Aphids, Grass Hoppers etc. suck the juice out of succulent leaves of young plants resulting in stunted growth of the plants leading to drop in yields. They also act as disease vectors i.e. they carry various diseases causing microbes and viruses from one plant to another, resulting in rapid spread of diseases across whole fields. Thus, not only direct losses but also incidental losses to the crop are very high. Dayal Param offers an extremely effective , low cost, easy to use and environment friendly solution through Yellow Trap. Product Description - Yellow Trap is flat sheet of poly-propylene / PVC coated with special weather proof, non drying adhesive. Physical dimension - 150 mm X 200 mm How to use Peel off the protective coating from the sticky sheet and hang / tie up the trap just above the plants canopy with the help of thread / stick. Use Yellow Trap for about 30 days depending upon pest population, wind speed and incidence of dust. . How it work When the trap is hung in the fields, insects attract on yellow color, strike against the sheet, stick on the adhesive and get killed, since they can not escape. Storage / Safety Precautions Store away from sunlight until the actual moment of placing in the field. Keep away from fire and heat of 60 degree plus temperature. Avoid dropping on the floor or in water. Advantages Non poisonous, environmentally safe. Ability to trap small flying insects.